Dear Jiscmail colleagues
FOHNEU is a federation of all Occupational Health National Nursing 
Associations in the 27 Member States of the European Union. It 
represents the largest single group of professionals in the field of 
occupational health and is recognised as the voice of occupational 
health nursing in the EU.
We are asking all OHNs to share their examples of research and best 
practice projects with their european colleagues by submitting a short 
abstract to be on the FOHNEU website. It can be any OH subject and 
does not have to be a major piece of work. OHNs in europe have 
different levels of academic training.  Some are very advanced others 
have no access to OH education at all. Sharing best practice beyond 
our geographical borders is important and will eventually raise the 
standard of our profession across europe.
If you can assist us in this request we would be very grateful. This, and 
other FOHNEU activities will help us to raise the profile of occupational 
health nursing throughout the Member States and in Brussels. 
Here are the details. Some examples of research/best practice 
abstracts can be  found under R&D on the FOHNEU website 
1. Abstracts to be sent by e-mail as a Microsoft Word attachment to the 
address: [log in to unmask]

2. Abstracts to be typed in English with a maximum of 400 words (title, 
occupation, institution or company, name of author(s) and the e-mail 
address where the author can be reached)

3. Single spacing, font “Arial”, font size 11. 

4. Scientific reviewers might suggest editorial modifications in order to 
improve the quality and presentation of abstracts submitted to 

Many thanks in advance and on behalf of the FOHNEU Board.

Bernie Jackson 
Vice President

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