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Subject: Re: [OCC-HEALTH] Fitness, PEQ and STSA

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Fitness, PEQ and STSA

Hi Tracy

This information is not useless if the employer is advised regarding reasonable adjustments required or not as the case maybe.  The question about STSA is irrelevant to the DDA statement.  It is not up to OH to disclose declared sickness levels just to advise on fitness for employment. You must have criteria which would cause you to call an applicant in for Health interview before clearing them for employment.  If HR know what your criteria are and you have not advised as above, then maybe there has been a failure of disclosure on the applicant’s part when the reference does not agree with the Health Declaration.  Although you could not disclosure to HR the level of sickness claimed you could state that it did not breach your criteria hence you cleared them on that basis.  It then becomes the responsibility of HR to ask the person why they did not disclose the true level of sickness absence according to the reference.  This has certainly been the case in our Trust an rare occasions in the past.  Hope this helps.



Vicky Wells

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Subject: [OCC-HEALTH] Fitness, PEQ and STSA


Dear All, 

I have had a look back over the archives, but cannot find what I am looking for! 
When we screen a PEQ, the fitness form staes fit, fit with restrictions, called in for appointment or unfit as the options.

We have been requested by HR to include DDA on the fitness form, the condition itself is kept confidential and the fitness for states that the person is fit for work and does have a condition covered by the DDA. The feedback from HR was then that this information was farily useless without the condition disclosed. We still do not disclose, but advise the employee to discuss with their manager.

Our Trust has recently imlemeted the Bradford Score system for managing STSA. This has also brought up some questions about PEQ's and if an employee has disclosed frequent STSA.

We seem to collect a large amount of information that we do not use, our PEQ's consist of about 25 questions. 

I am having a small brain fade, I am well aware of confidentiality etc etc, but I am wondering where this information helps. If I know that a potential employee has frequent STSA or a large amount of LTSA, OHdoes not mention this to the employer, but when it is disclosed in a refernce, it then comes back to OH, asking why we did not declare this information.

If the same system as France is implemeted, all future references will consist of of dates of employment from and to, job title, salary.

It feels like it should be Friday! Any opinions on this can of worms?


Tracy Huguenel, RGN, SCPHN (OH) 
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