Dear Members,

The EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI)is seeking 
submissions from inspirational and innovative civil society-led	* 
migration and development initiatives globally.  Successful initiatives 
will be showcased as part of the Migration and Development Virtual Fair 
2009 and a representative from the most compelling initiative will be 
invited to participate in Athens. The Virtual Fair will be held in 
parallel with the GFMD Civil Society Days (2-3 November 2009) and will 
be the first M&D event of its kind – it will bring together 1000s of 
‘virtual’ visitors to network, visit virtual exhibitions and post 
questions online to key participants in Athens.

We are interested in initiatives that have improved the lives of 
individuals and local communities and can demonstrate significant 
development benefits through the use of positive linkages with 
migration.  We reward existing achievements. Award-winning schemes must 
have been consistently successful for *at least one year	* with plans 
for further expansion. Schemes must also be highly replicable to ensure 
maximum development impact.  Benefits of being selected to be showcased 

	* Participation in the GFMD Civil Society days (for the top selected 
	* High profile global publicity
	* Enhanced global recognition of projects selected to be showcased in 
the Virtual Fair
	* Opportunities to present your Migration and Development approaches to 
experts and policy makers internationally
	* Access to a global forum for exchanging ideas and solutions with 
those working in the field of migration and development across the globe.

In order to illustrate the issues being discussed in Athens, the JMDI is 
seeking initiatives related to the GFMD Roundtable themes.  We are 
therefore particularly interested in initiatives with one or more of the 
following objectives.  Please note however that this list is not 
exclusive and we welcome all applications:

	* Make Migrant & Development work for the achievement of the MDGs
	* Bring tangible benefits to origin countries (e.g. schools, 
	* Bring intangible benefits to origin countries (e.g. trade opportunities)
	* Increase family participation in the migration process
	* Target the poorest of the poor
	* Engage diaspora and migrants for development
	* Safeguard the rights of women, children and/or refugees
	* Promote awareness of migration as a positive force to alleviate the 
impacts of the global financial crisis
	* Provide social protection, access to services or training opportunities
	* Facilitate migrant integration, reintegration and circulation for 
	* Empower women migrants in destination countries
	* Support integration of children in destination countries
	* Facilitate direct and indirect recruitment
	* Raise business awareness on the importance of protecting migrants’ 
	* Support re-integration of returning migrants
	* Facilitate increased skill recognition and skills transferability

To submit an initiative to be showcased in the 2009 Virtual Fair and the 
opportunity to participate in Athens, please complete the online form: , including what makes your 
project successful and the partnerships involved.  After submitting your 
project details, you will be asked to upload supporting 
documents/pictures/videos, and we strongly encourage you to strengthen 
your application in this way.  If you have any difficulty completing the 
online form, please contact us directly at:
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	* Civil society organizations (CSOs) include: community organizations, 
NGOs and foundations, diaspora organizations, migrant associations, 
academic institutions, professional associations, local and municipal 
authorities, chambers of commerce, employers organizations and trade 
unions, media organizations and micro-finance institutions.

     About the Knowledge Fairs

The JMDI is hosting a series of Knowledge Fairs on Migration and 
Development as part of an ongoing process to learn from successful civil 
society-led initiatives and identify ‘good practice’ in the field of 
migration and development.  This ‘knowledge exchange’ is facilitated via 
an online forum of over 1,000 M&D practitioners sharing their practical 
experiences in the field.  Initiatives selected for the *2009 Virtual 
Fair	* will receive recognition from this global community and the 
innovative approaches identified will become part of the JMDI’s 
knowledge codification process.  The knowledge gathered is intended to 
inform policy-making within the JMDI partner organizations, the United 
Nations and the European Commission, and will feed into concrete policy 
recommendations to be presented to national governments.  The 2009 
Virtual Fair builds on the first Knowledge Fair in Brussels in 2008, 
where the initiatives showcased at the used a variety of approaches to 
harness the positive benefits of migration for the development of origin 
countries. To learn more about the kind of information and initiatives 
we are seeking, please explore the details of the 2008 showcased 
initiatives online at:

Please disseminate this call widely among your networks and invite 
relevant initiatives to apply. For more information see below or visit:

The deadline to apply is Friday, 9 October 2009.

We look forward to your submissions.

Best regards,

The JMDI Team
EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative
United Nations Development Programme
UN House, 14 Rue Montoyer, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: + 32 2 235 0550
Fax: + 32 2 503 47 29
Email: [log in to unmask]
304 E 45th Street FF-12th Floor | New York, NY 10017 US 	

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