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Amberhawk Training today announces the creation of the Shelagh Gaskill
Bursary, which provides up to £1,000 towards the cost of legal training in
freedom of information and data protection.  The bursary is a progression of
the Shelagh Gaskill Scholarship that was successfully administered by
international law firm Pinsent Masons following Shelagh’s death in 2006. 
The scholarship operated for three years and provided training in data
protection and freedom of information for charities and those in the
voluntary sector.  It supported a number of major charities such as Shelter
and Barnardos as well as smaller ones. The new bursary carries on this work.

The Shelagh Gaskill Bursary is intended to help charities, hospices, housing
associations, voluntary and community organisations.  These bodies are
subject to some very difficult data protection issues but have limited
resources available to fund the cost of training employees in information
law. The bursary continues to mark Shelagh’s significant contribution to
this area of law and her role in championing the rights of individuals.  

Rosemary Jay, partner at Pinsent Masons said, “Pinsent Masons has a strong
commitment to support for the voluntary sector, as shown by our
award-winning CR programme. We were proud to launch and support the
scholarship during the past three years and delighted to see that Amberhawk
is carrying the excellent work involved.”

Sue Cullen, director of Amberhawk Training, said, “I knew Shelagh for more
than two decades and worked with her for much of that time.  The bursary is
created in her name to commemorate her drive to apply her unrivalled
knowledge and skills in defence of individual rights.”

The bursary gives individuals working for not-for-profit organisations
responsible for information law compliance the chance to obtain data
protection or freedom of information training by taking the Amberhawk
courses at a reduced cost.  As well as providing the tools to perform their
jobs more effectively, candidates who succeed in the examinations will
benefit by acquiring a formal, nationally recognised qualification from the
Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB).

Sue Cullen concluded, “We hope that the new bursary will help successful
applicants to apply their learning and new skills for the benefit of the
wider community.”  Further details of the Shelagh Gaskill Bursary and a
personal memory of Shelagh are available from the link on the home page of

Dr. C. N. M. Pounder
Director, Amberhawk Training Ltd
Phone: 0845 680  2623 or Mob: 07735 365 585

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