Apologies to those that will have already seen this - this initiative will be of interest to many (if not all!) of you :)

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Sent: 07 September 2009 21:25
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Subject: QCommons, an open question bank system

I thought the subscribers of this list would be interested in a research system I'm developing, QCommons.  It's an open-source web platform for sharing, discussing, and improving assessment and practice materials.  (e.g. formative quizzes, homework assignments, summative exams)  Every item has a usage license specified for it (e.g. Creative Commons) and can be downloaded in several interchange formats (e.g. QTI, GIFT, Moodle XML).  I'm starting focused on one domain, chemistry, and will expand in the coming months to more topics and hooks into other systems.

More details are posted on my blog,

I look forward to any feedback.  I'm also eager to create links to other systems so please contact me if you would like to pursue that.  Commenting on the site would be best to keep the conversation visible for other people to join.


Turadg Aleahmad
PhD student

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