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Perhaps "selling" was hyperbolic and overstated. But what was said about court cases and costs, and amici, tends to support my observation that annulments are for the rich and powerful. It is also the case that times and practices change. It is my (unsubstantiated) understanding that it is now much more difficult than during the papacy of JP2. But the unedifying habit of the Church of seeming desirous of "hanging on to" famous people regardless of their activities or positions on various political issues is blatant. And the pretzels people tie themselves into in order to justify this would be amusing if it weren't so sad.
This, though religious, is far from medieval. Apologies to all who've had to read through this intra-Church to-and-fro.
As for Berlusconi, according to what I read at newadvent, all the indulgences, etc in the world won't help if he's excommunicate.
Marjorie Greene

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