Hi FSLGuys, 

I've been trying to use PROBTRACKX to track fibres from a single-voxel seed
in the pregenual ACC. The voxel is gray matter in a region of high crossing
fibres. Each time I run probtrackx it generates almost no fibres,
essentially stopping in that voxel. I've tried tracking from the closest
white matter region but I get the same results. 

My bedpostx folder has all of the dyads and f1 and f2 files, so I believe it
should be able to track from this voxel despite the crossing fibres.  

Do you have any suggestions?
Is there a way to specify a region around a voxel as the seed? (i.e. a 5x5x5
ROI centered at my voxel of interest)

Massih Moayedi