You'll have to do the latter, i.e. call melodic from the command line.  
This is pretty straight-forward, i.e. list all the input files in an  
ascii text file (one input per line) and then pass this file to  
melodic as the input - select the other options as you please and  
that's it... as you say, it's relatively easy to do once you've had a  
good look at the log file from a completed run

On 6 Aug 2009, at 18:35, Lisa Eyler wrote:

> Hi,
> For three subjects in my MELODIC run there were problems with the
> registration step. One of them I will need to now exclude because they
> didn't have the same number of data points, but the other two I have  
> fixed.
> I would like to avoid having to re-run the entire MELODIC run from  
> the GUI
> since the registration output for the other 37 subjects was fine.  I  
> assume
> that if I copy the command lines from the log for the two subjects  
> that I
> want to redo, I can get them to the same point as the others.  But  
> then is
> there an easy way to resume the MELODIC run (i.e., is there a way to
> indicate in the GUI that the registration step is already completed)  
> or will
> I also have to run each command line individually for the group  
> analysis
> part?  Thanks for your advice!
> Lisa

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