Hi Mark,

I reran the analysis with a slightly more conservative threshold (z=2.4, 
instead of 2.3) and now ACC is listed as a separate cluster. I guess it 
was connected before like you said! It is very strange because even when 
I saw it in the 3-D view they didn't seem to be connected..
Anyhow, thank you very much for your help!


Mark Jenkinson wrote:

> Hi,
> If you are still sure that these are not connected then please
> upload the relevant thresholded statistical image (e.g 
> thresh_zstat1.nii.gz
> from the feat directory) to
> and send us the reference number.
> All the best,
>     Mark
> On 19 Aug 2009, at 17:58, Yoona Kang wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> thanks for the prompt reply. But these ACC and occipital clusters are 
>> located quite far from each other (image attached).. I looked through 
>> the image, and couldn't find any voxel connecting those two regions. 
>> Any other possibilities?
>> Yoona
>> Mark Jenkinson wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Are you sure it is not connected?
>>> It only takes one voxel to connect what otherwise
>>> look like separate clusters.  Your table shows that
>>> cluster number 3 spans a large range of coordinates,
>>> so I think that what you consider a separate ACC
>>> cluster is really connected as part of this larger cluster.
>>> If you are really sure that this is not the case then email
>>> us and we will investigate further.
>>> All the best,
>>>    Mark
>>> On 19 Aug 2009, at 16:34, SUBSCRIBE FSL Yoona Kang wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> in my fsl report page, I noticed that ACC cluster was not listed, 
>>>> although
>>>> it seemed to have substantially strong activation in the images. 
>>>> Then I
>>>> found that ACC was listed in the local maxima list under occipital 
>>>> pole
>>>> cluster (image attached). I cannot really understand why this 
>>>> happened..
>>>> they are not close to each other nor they are connected. The ACC 
>>>> cluster is
>>>> quite big, too. Can you tell me what is going on?
>>>> Thank you very much!!
>>>> Sincerely,
>>>> Yoona
>>>> <Picture 7.jpg>
>> <sagittal.jpg>