Are you sure it is not connected?
It only takes one voxel to connect what otherwise
look like separate clusters.  Your table shows that
cluster number 3 spans a large range of coordinates,
so I think that what you consider a separate ACC
cluster is really connected as part of this larger cluster.

If you are really sure that this is not the case then email
us and we will investigate further.

All the best,

On 19 Aug 2009, at 16:34, SUBSCRIBE FSL Yoona Kang wrote:

> Hello,
> in my fsl report page, I noticed that ACC cluster was not listed,  
> although
> it seemed to have substantially strong activation in the images.  
> Then I
> found that ACC was listed in the local maxima list under occipital  
> pole
> cluster (image attached). I cannot really understand why this  
> happened..
> they are not close to each other nor they are connected. The ACC  
> cluster is
> quite big, too. Can you tell me what is going on?
> Thank you very much!!
> Sincerely,
> Yoona
> <Picture 7.jpg>