Yes, I've just been told the same.  Apparently there is 'a big back-log at Darlington', and until applications have been opened they wont be redirected to the Specialist Support Team (not sure if that's exactly the right name).  They refused to confirm or deny whether my application had been received, and said that as a postgrad I couldn't watch for the application to show up on my student finance account as I don't have an open application for 09/10 (presume they are talking about loans).
I was also told it might take a few more weeks before they started to process the application because they are still working on ones from June.
This has me concerned as I start uni in 5 weeks - what exactly do they expect students needing DSA needs assessments and equipment to do? (as their reassurance that everyone will get finance if their application was made doesn't apply in the same way).

2009/8/18 Barry Grant Hayward <[log in to unmask]>
Dear all,

Has anyone else had a number of students reporting that having applied some
weeks / months ago for DSA on calling Student Finance the student is told
that Student Finance don't have the form?

We've had a fair number of these in recent weeks. Could explain the lack of

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