Dear Lisa,

Why do you think it is not a bud from Alnus glutinosa? To me the
pictures look like buds from Alnus glutinosa (general morphology). And
if I am not mistaken the ridged pattern appears when the bud scales are
not present any more. 

Jan Bastiaens

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Verzonden: dinsdag 14 juli 2009 23:12
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Onderwerp: identification problem

Dear Colleagues,

I've found some plant macrofossils I've not seen before and would
appreciate any opinions on thier identity.

They are present in very low quantities from some samples of Neolithic
peat from the foreshore/intertidal zone of the River Thames. These
samples have produced diverse and well-preserved plant macrofossils
dominated by Alnus catkins and seeds and seeds of aquatic and
semi-aquatic plants. Wood and buds are also present. The first two
images are of the item seeming most complete. I first picked this out
thinking it was a bud. Something seems to be enclosed. I'm reluctant to
peel it apart to find out what because its my only  complete example.
There is a distinct ridged 'wave-like' pattern on the surface of these
fragments. Its likely that I'm seeing bits of a familiar plant I've not
seen before in less well-preserved deposits.

I can take more photos if these don't seem clear. I'm trying out new
equipment so I can only improve on these efforts.

I look forward to any ideas because I've looked through manuals and
reference material and I'm completely baffled.

best wishes,


Lisa Gray MSc BA hons AIFA
Freelance Archaeobotanist
Part-time student MA Maritime Archaeology