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Please excuse cross-postings & multiple reminders. I'd really love to see lots of medieval sessions at our conference!

The Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota will be celebratingits 50th anniversary this October at the University of North Dakota inGrand Forks. In recognition of this milestone event, and in the spiritof encouraging widespread participation, we will have a series of opensessions. Rather than impose a narrowly conceived “conference theme”arbitrarily, we invite individuals to submit papers on topics of theirown choosing. Ideally, this will provide an opportunity for scholars topresent in a wide variety of fields, and to create a true community ofscholarship and sharing.

Please keep in mind that the “Linguistics” part of our name is in nameonly—papers on any and all topics, and from any and all disciplines arewelcome!

Our keynote speaker will be Lisa Weston of California State University, Fresno.

In accordance with tradition, the LCMND will have sessions in Englishand French. Inquiries and paper proposals (250 word abstracts or fullpapers of about 20 minutes reading time) should be sent by email toMichelle Sauer and Adam Kitzes at the following addresses:

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Please send your submissions by September 1, 2009
Michelle M. Sauer, PhD
Associate Professor of English & Women Studies
University of North Dakota
Department of English; Stop 7209
276 Centennial Drive
Grand Forks, ND 58202

P: 701-777-2783
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F: 701-777-2373

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