Talking to Brent and RBKC yesterday made me even more aware of the now
urgent need for libraries to begin thinking about their RFID strategy after
the publication of ISO 28560 later this year.

Paul Chartier and I sit on the BIC/CILIP RFID group and have been discussing
how best we can prepare the market for the arrival of ISO 28560-2. Part of
this process is taking inventory of existing installations. My previous
email was about the tags, this one is more about the equipment.

BIC sent the following email to members of the group earlier this week, but
we need to cast the net as widely as possible so I'm asking the list to help

Please complete the survey if it is relevant to your operation or pass it on
to your RFID chums if not. 

Thanks for your time


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Paul Chartier of Praxis Consultants, who is a BIC consultant on RFID and
co-project editor of the new ISO 28560-2 standard, is conducting a survey to
identify standardised RFID equipment used by libraries, by RFID library
vendors, and by book suppliers. The help of those of you who have
implemented RFID or support RFID implementations in completing the attached
questionnaire will be much appreciated.

He wishes to find out the types of equipment/software which are in use for
RFID in libraries, so that it will be possible to research with the relevant
vendors whether and how these products are able to support the new ISO
28560-2 encoding and decoding software.

Please send your completed questionnaire to
[log in to unmask], if possible by 30 June.

Best wishes.

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