I have recently been advised of two RFID solutions being proposed that are 
using a separate database from the LMS to control RFID units within a library. 
One controls security the other self-service.

I had seen a schematic for a third such solution some time ago but believe 
that it never in fact came to market.

This  seems to be part of an emerging trend for RFID systems to declare 
themselves independent from the LMS/ILS and go it alone. That may be an 
inveitable consequence of technologicak change but at this moment in time I 
am finding it difficult however to understand or conceptualise how this might 
work in practice? It is not yet clear whether the scenarios on offer are real or 
hypothetical although both claim to have been market tested.

I would very much welcome any inputs the list can offer on how the two 
databases might be kept in synch and any impact on performance of doing so -
  if anyone out there has experience of such a solution?

Kind regards