Hi Ken

Glad you're feeling better!

I have a slight concern over this separation using RFID because I'm probably
not quite so convinced about the depth of understanding of resource
discovery among the RFID community as exists elsewhere. When I finish my
contract with RBKC I will say much more about this than I am currently able.

But I agree that things are changing - and should change. What is a concern
is the somewhat haphazard nature of the tinkering that appears to be
happening now. A bit like playing Jenga with the LMS - "let's pull this bit
out and see if it collapses..." :-). 

The realisation that a standard would bring such major beneficial changes to
UK libraries was not a conclusion the RFID industry reached by itself...

Look forward to discussing this with you at length next time we make it to
the Exmouth Arms!



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> Subject: Re: RFID/LMS database interaction
> Conceptually this is not unlike the separation of Search/Discovery
> (OPAC)
> from the LMS...this "dis-integration" of the LMS has long been talked
> about--- Andrew Pace (now OCLC) and myself included, but progress has
> been
> slow. Search has got furthest and people are working on
> interoperability
> (e.g. DLF, to make that more effective (ability to place
> holds/reservation etc) and you can see that this work could be extended
> enable RFID based circ apps to interoperate too.....It would be good to
> see
> these APIs  develop along open lines (as Jangle for example is trying
> to
> do). So I agree good to see what the RFID guys are proposing
> here.....
> Part of this is about *motivation*.....improving circ won't sell more
> LMSs
> whereas it might sell more RFID you can see why RFID
> vendors
> are doing this.
> Btw I predicted the demise of Acquisitions some years ago at a NAG
> conference...good job I didn't put a date on it! But this will probably
> happen (sometime) too-- if there was sufficient motivation...
> Ken
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> Subject: RFID/LMS database interaction
> I have recently been advised of two RFID solutions being proposed that
> are
> using a separate database from the LMS to control RFID units within a
> library.
> One controls security the other self-service.
> I had seen a schematic for a third such solution some time ago but
> believe
> that it never in fact came to market.
> This  seems to be part of an emerging trend for RFID systems to declare
> themselves independent from the LMS/ILS and go it alone. That may be an
> inveitable consequence of technologicak change but at this moment in
> time I
> am finding it difficult however to understand or conceptualise how this
> might
> work in practice? It is not yet clear whether the scenarios on offer
> are
> real or
> hypothetical although both claim to have been market tested.
> I would very much welcome any inputs the list can offer on how the two
> databases might be kept in synch and any impact on performance of doing
> so -
>   if anyone out there has experience of such a solution?
> Kind regards
> Mick
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