Dear all,

Sorry for this email, but there is nobody in my department I could ask to. Please, may you tell me if I’m carrying out correctly the first analysis?

I have one AD patient and 5 normal patients for the control.
I just click on the button “Normalise: Estimate and Write”;
Under “Data” I create 6 subjects;
Under “source image” and “images to write” I insert the same scan for each patient (the hdr/img file);
In “estimation options”, in the “template image” I insert the template provided by SPM programs\spm\templates\PET.nii
“Source Image Smoothing” = 8;
The other option left as defaults.

After “Normalise”, click on “Smooth”;
In “Image to Smooth”, I insert the 6 images with the prefix w, images created with the Normalise function;
“Data type” = same;

After Smoothing, I click on “basic models”;
Under “design”, I choose “two sample t-test”;
“Group 1 scans” I choose the AD patient (sw file)
“Group 2 scans” I choose the 5 normal patients;
“Grand mean scaling”=No;
No covariates created and other options left as defaults.

After creating SPM.mat, I click on “estimate”, choose the SPM.mat.

Then, I click on “results”, select “t-contrasts” defining one;
“Name”=nc>ad and “contrast”=[1 -1], “submit” and “ok”.
“Mask with other” = no;
“Title for comparison” nc>ad;
“P value” = FWE and 0.05;
Threshold = 0;

Attached to this email there is the file for the final results.

Why I have these warnings?
Warning: Returning NaN for out of range arguments
> In c:\programmi\spm5\spm_Pcdf.m at line 88
  In c:\programmi\spm5\spm_P_RF.m at line 106
  In c:\programmi\spm5\spm_P.m at line 48
  In c:\programmi\spm5\spm_list.m at line 487

I much appreciate if somebody can help me.
Many thanks
Best regards