Does anyone know how to convert matlab files into .nii files that can be read by SPM. I am trying to use SPM to analyse some optical imaging data.

I have arranged my data into a 4D struct [x y z t] although as it is not fMRI data there are only 2 spatial dimentsions so I have 60 frames of 512x512 14 bit images arranged in a matlab file as (512,512,1,60).

I used the make_nii function that is available in the MatLab NIFTI and ANALZYE toolbox, and although it seems to work and it creats an image file with a header etc, when I save it as a .nii file I am still unable to open it with SPM.

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree in thinking I can treat my optical imaging data like fMRI data, but my supervisor is convinced I can use SPM with optical imaging data.

Any advice ot information would be much appreciated