Thank you David for mentioning the London SoTL conference. It is a good
forum for presenting practice-based research. Presenting at conferences
is very motivating for 'relatively' new colleagues. The theme for next
year's conference is Disciplines, Pedagogies and Cultures. Dates for
your diary, in Central London 13-14 May 2010.

There are quite a lot of ideas too via the Carnegie Foundation for the
Advancement of Teaching and ISSOTL Commons:


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There is a large literature both in this country and in the USA on
promoting SoTL.

In D'Andrea and Gosling Improving Teaching and Learning in Higher
Education (2005) published by SRHE/Open University Press, we devoted
chapter 7 to this topic. I attach a bibliography that Mick Healey put
together a while back that will point you in the right direction.
A recent paper Boshier, R. (2009), 'Why is the Scholarship of Teaching
and Learning such a hard sell?' Higher Education Research and
Development, 28 (1), 1 - 15 discusses some of the problems involved.
Although the paper describes a north American context some of the points
apply to the UK too.
The London SoTL conference has been running since 2001 as a vehicle to
encourage staff engaged in SoTL to go public with their work, and of
course other conferences provide similar opportunities. 
On-line publications are increasingly being used. 
Good luck with your efforts to promote SoTL.

David Gosling
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Subject: developing SoTL post-PGCertHE

Dear colleagues
We are thinking about how we can maintain and encourage colleagues' 
engagement with scholarship and pedagogic research after they have
their PGCertHE and would be very interested to hear what others are
and what is working.
One idea we are considering is providing support from the Teaching and 
Learning Development Unit to encourage colleagues to write short case
on their practice which can then be shared through an online forum, 
disseminated via our newsletter and perhaps presented at conferences or 
published elsewhere.
I would very much like to hear from anyone who has tried something
similar or 
another approach that has been effective.
thank you

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