The National Maritime Museum is delighted to be hosting two events this 
summer in celebration of the history of the telescope in astronomy:

Thursday 16 to Friday 17 July
The Long View: 400 Years of the Telescope
A two-day international conference

Eileen Reeves - Real fakes: pre-telescopic devices on the English stage
Marvin Bolt - Towards a more diplomatic understanding: the techniques, 
materials, and politics of early 17th-century telescopes
Frédérique Aït-Touati - Kepler’s technologies: optical fiction and telescopic 
Jennifer Downes - Hevelius’s Selenographia: using telescopes to explore and 
map the Moon in the 17th century
Alexi Baker - The telescope’s tale: popular ownership of the instrument and its 
symbolism in early 18th-century London
Timon Screech - Telescopes and metaphors of seeing in early modern Japan
Patrick Parrinder - Beyond the telescope: the hypertelescopic imagination from 
Kepler to the 20th century
Nicky Reeves - Disciplining materials and bodies: Nevil Maskelyne and the 
construction of the zenith sector
John McAleer - Observatories, their telescopes and scientific ‘views’ of empire 
at the Cape of Good Hope, 1820–40
Jon Agar - The place of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope reassessed
Richard Dunn - Politics, progress and the pastoral: telescopes in modern film
Isobel Hook - The world’s biggest optical telescopes, present and future

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Saturday 18 July
A joint meeting of the Scientific Instrument Society and the Society for the 
History of Astronomy

Neil Handley - Some remarks on the role of opticians in supplying the ‘business’ 
of astronomy
Peter de Clercq - Thomas Bugge’s travel journal of 1777
Marcus Cavalier - An Englishman's castle is his observatory
Allan Mills - The discovery of helium in the Sun
Allan Chapman - The history of the telescope from Harriot to Hubble

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The meeting will include the AGMs of both societies, but non-members are 
welcome to register for the programme of talks. 
For registration details, please contact the SIS Executive Officer, Peter 
Thomas, email: [log in to unmask]