Dear Friends,
I am sending you the program of the workshop on "Innovation Economy and History of Science and Technology. The Making of the Contemporary Pharmaceutical Research System."
Best wishes,
Daniele Cozzoli

Innovation Economy and History of Science and Technology. The Making of the Contemporary Pharmaceutical Research System.



Barcelona, May 21-23 2009



Thursday, 21th May 2009


Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Dep. of Humanities,

Carrer Ramon Trias Fargas 25/27

Building Roger de Lluria room 40S01


15:00 – 15:30          Welcome addresses


15:30 – 16:15            Louis Galambos, Johns Hopkins UniversityJeffrey Sturchio Johns Hopkins University “Innovation, Science, Markets and Public Policy in the Restructuring of Global Pharmaceuticals”

16:15 – 17:00                       Elisabeth Watkins UC, S. Francisco, “Engineering the Technological Fix in Medicine: Pharmaceutical in American Science, Commerce and Culture”

17:00 – 17:30                       Coffee break

17:30 – 18:15                       Catherine Guise-Richardson, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia “The Mouse that Rolled: Animal and Psychopharmaceutical Development in the Mid-20th Century U.S.  


Friday, 22th May

Barcelona Biomedical Research Park

Carrer del Dr. Aiguader 88

10:00 – 10: 45         Reimund Fickert, Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, BarcelonaThe Barcelona Biomedical Research Park

10:45-    11:15                      Coffee Break

11:15 – 12: 00          Jean-Paul Gaudillière INSERM, Paris “Screenings and Alternative Modes of Drug Innovation: Industrializing Drugs in XXth Century Germany

12: 00 –12:45          María Jesús Santesmases, CSIC Madrid, Heroes: Public and Clinical Reception of Penicillin in Spain 1945-1955”  

12.45 – 15:00           Lunch

15:00 – 15:45          Josep Eladi Baños, UPF, Barcelona, “The Birth of Pharmaceutical Companies in Catalonia: Some Models of Industrial Development in a Peripheral Country”

15: 45 – 16:30         Robert Bud Science Museum, LondonSowing Penicillin: Chain, Foster and other Pharmas in the Early Post-war Era"

16:30 –17:15             Mauro Capocci University of RomeLa Sapienza”, “A Chain is Gonna Come. Building a Penicillin Pilot Plant in Postwar Italy”

17. 15 – 17:30           Coffee Break

17:30 – 18: 15          Daniele Cozzoli, UPF, Barcelona, “The Private Side of French pharmaceutics: Halpern, Bovet and the Discovery of Antihistamines”


Saturday, 23th May 2009

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Dep. of Humanities

Carrer Ramon Trías Fargas 25/27

Building Jaume I, room 20.287


10:00-10:45             Toine Pieters, Utrecht University, Descartes Centre for the history and philosophy of science “Modern wonder Drugs and Life Cycles””

10: 45 –11: 00         Coffee Break

11:00 – 11: 45          Margrit Müller, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, Zürich “The Internationalization of R&D Activities of Swiss Chemical-Pharmaceutical Firms:Causes and Consequences”

11.45 – 12. 15                       Volker Hess, Charité, Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Berlin “The Research Networking Project DRUGS””

12.15- 12.45            Ronald Brashear, Arnold Thackray Director of the Othmer          Library, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia           "Preserving the history of the Pharmaceutical Industry

12.45-13.45                General discussion