UK National Profile

Dear all

The BIC/CILIP joint RFID committee met last week to consider which elements of ISO 28560 ought to be included in a UK national profile for library operations. The results of their deliberations are attached.

Please look through the document and let us know either through the list or by email to me directly whether you agree or disagree with the recommendations. Please note that this is NOT a decision on the actual standard but on which of its elements ought to be mandatory, conditional, optional or excluded from future RFID implementations.

This ties in directly with last weeks appeal for information about existing use of tag data storage. The intention of the group is to try and incorporate any existing local data into the new standard when published. If you have made (or asked your RFID supplier to make) any changes or additions to tag data you will need to let us know, or you may not be able to migrate all your data to the new standard when its published. Local means pretty much anything except the barcode number. Some replies suggest that there is already a standard being used to identify the owning library or which items should not be circulated. There are no such standards currently in place so if youre not sure please let us know.

You may of course decide NOT to move to the standard in which case you do not need to worry but please consider that if all RFID suppliers opt to use the same data model in the future there will be obvious advantages to being in the mainstream.

My thanks to the library authorities that have replied so far. Some of you seem rather uncertain as to what data your RFID companies ARE storing. Remember its YOUR data, so please ask them.

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