Ivar makes some good points here but I'm opting to reply more fully on my
blog <>  as this looks like a
potentially dangerous topic for the list!


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Subject: Re: Are RFID suppliers becoming protectionist?


Dear Librarians,

An interesting issue! In P.V. Supa we have previously discussed the issue
and from our point of view it is legal to read the data model provided by
other suppliers, as it cannot be infringing any copyrights when just reading


P.V. Supa is able to read any data model on the market and we have
previously been in situations where the original supplier refused to
co-operate, but in the end the library got the solution they wanted and
several years later the old supplier was kicked out (now they have left the
market totally).


Many libraries risk ending in a situation as described by Mr. Fortune, as
they went for suppliers, who think more about their short-term profit than
the long-term benefit of the library (and consequently the supplier). The
only way to get out of it is,


*	to demand open standards,
*	to demand that information (i.e. data model or SIP-information) are
available to 3rd party suppliers providing complementary solutions 
*	to openly tell all other libraries about their unfortunate
experience with such suppliers and,
*	to blacklist suppliers having this kind behavior.


It is very important that uncooperative suppliers are weeded as we,
suppliers, are paid by tax-payers money and this kind of money shall be used
with highest respect by all citizens.


Best regards

P.V. Supa Oy Ltd.


Ivar Thyssen

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Subject: Are RFID suppliers becoming protectionist?


Dear subscribers


Very disappointed to receive an email from a long-standing university user
of RFID this morning. They were hoping to buy a sorter from a different
company to that which had supplied their self-service solution. They have
now been told that permission to read existing RFID tags has been denied by
the incumbent supplier.


We all know that each company currently uses its own data model - making it
difficult to pick and choose RFID equipment from different suppliers - but
until now there was at least  the possibility of having one supplier write
software to read another's tags. Or alternatively to re-program  existing


In the long run of course this approach will become unwieldy with constant
re-writes or re-programming operations. That's what makes the adoption of a
common standard and a common profile so important. Today's news suggests
that at least one (major) supplier may have decided to hold on to their
market by effectively making it illegal to read their tag data model. What
this means in the long term is difficult to assess.


Has any other organisation suffered from this problem I wonder?




Mick Fortune       

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