On (public policy downloads), I have made available

(a) the data protection analysis I did for Marper's legal team in the ground
breaking ECHR case

(b) evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights re the new clauses in
the Policing and Crime Bill which give effect to the whatever the Government
eventually decides it wants to happen with DNA

Both explain that because DNA is kept on criminals, a DNA data base that
scans the whole population is almost inevitable. My own view is that this
should be the only issue of debate.

Dr. C. N. M. Pounder
Director, Amberhawk Training Ltd
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Ministers are to trim up to 850,000 DNA profiles from the current  
total of 4.5m on a national database after a court ruled innocent  
people must be removed.

Those arrested, but later released or acquitted, will have their  
profiles wiped after between six and 12 years.

Officials warned the changes could reduce the number of crimes solved.

But opposition parties accused the government of "giving as little as  
possible" in response to the European Court of Human Rights judgement.

Last year the court ruled that the database in England and Wales' was  
illegal - unlike Scotland's which was deemed "fair and proportionate".

Ibrahim Hasan

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