I have been working with Lapphyttan slags and metals. Just now, I am in a tight spot, please contact me directly in some weeks and I will be able to give you all required information.
> Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 16:27:24 -0400
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> Subject: Laphyttan etc.
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> Does anyone know what the slag from Laphyttan looked like? Or for that
> matter any of the pre-flux blast furnaces in Europe.
> It is generally conceded that the deliberate use of limestone or other
> Ca containing substances to flux blast furnaces was not "common" until
> the later half of the 1600s. So what did the slag of a "self-fluxing"
> and presumably fayalitic blast furnace slag look like? I have combed
> the literature and can't find any references either to chemical
> structure or physical appearance.
> Thanks
> Jamie Brothers

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