Dear All,

The following free event that is open to the public
on "Medicine and Drugs: What can we believe?"
is hosted by the University of Bristol on the 15th of June.
Please, circulate the details below to those you think might be interested.

Making sense of what we read about risks to our health, new drugs and therapies
Date: 15 June 2009, 2-6 pm
Venue: Amphitheatre E29 Medical Sciences Building, University of Bristol

Key note speakers

   * Dr Ben Goldacre (author, broadcaster, doctor and blogger)
   * Professor Andy Grieve (Health and Social Care Research, School of
Medicine, King's College)
   * Professor David Spiegelhalter (Medical Research Counci Biostatistics
Unit and University of Cambridge)

The media love medicine and health. Every year they devote vast numbers of
column inches and broadcast minutes to reporting the latest research results.

But is their reporting distorting the science behind the stories? And how
can we tell?

This open meeting looks at how medical research goes from scientific papers
to the stories we read every day and asks whether there is a better ways for
scientists and journalists to work together so that they can better help the
public make decisions about their health.

Discussion on the issues raised by our keynote speakers will then be led by
our panel of experts:

   * Professor Jonathan Sterne (Social Medicine, University of Bristol)
   * Professor George Davey-Smith (Social Medicine, University of Bristol)

Although the event is free, please book your place
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At, you will also find directions
to the venue and any updates/changes on the event.

This meeting has been organized by the Royal Statistical Society
through its General Applications and Medical Sections.
The meeting is sponsored by the Clinical Trials and Evaluation Unit,
Bristol Heart Institute, and the Department of Social Medicine, University
of Bristol.