tudents working in the fie=
ld of Design Activism. It will provide an opportunity to explore critical i=
ssues in their doctoral studies and receive extensive feedback on their wor=
k from facilitators and fellow students.

Participants are requested to submit a 2 A4 page or equivalent summary of t=
heir research. We are open to suggestions for alternative formats. This cou=
ld include images, sound or video recordings, a poster, or digital submissi=
ons. The only criteria is that they must be easily =E2=80=98shareable=E2=80=
=99 so that other participants can =E2=80=98read=E2=80=99 them before the e=

Spaces are limited and selection will be based on application submissions. =
The proposal should give an overview of the PhD project. It may include res=
earch questions, methods, how the PhD work is related to Design Activism, t=
he status of current work, major findings, and plans for further research.

Submissions must be emailed to Katie Hill at k.hill[at] befor=
e Monday 27th April.

Registration details to follow