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From: John Dillon <[log in to unmask]>

> On Wednesday, April 22, 2009, at 9:28 am, christopher crockett wrote,
quoting Bob Kraft:

>>and the underwriting is still decipherable (Et enim sede). 

>>i'll be jiggered if i can see an "Et enim sede" anywhere on this page


>> and i can see no "underwriting" below the main text of the chant, anywhere,

> I can see it just as Bob does, in the line that now has: e   de

> It may not be quite as plain as a pikestaff, but it's there.  

yes, of course.

even i can see those shadowy letters.

that's "underwriting" in a palimpestical sense.

i was thinking of (and looking for) "underwriting" in a subscriptive sense, as
we sometimes see in glossae.

>If you look closely at the space after the second 'e' on that line you should
be able to make out what at first glance might appear to be an 'x'.  It's
actually the join between an uncial 'd' and an 'e'.  Work backwards from that
and you should be able to reconstruct the rest.

looks like Bonnie has reconstructed the original text.

though, perversely, i have a question or two about that.


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