Dear John Paul,

Your answer is Schoolshape.

Schoolshape will not only import all your students, but also automatically allocate logins and create groups as required. What is more, tutors can set tasks to groups, and students can submit work in textual or audiovisual format.

WebPA could then be used for the Peer Assessment.



On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:49 AM, John Paul Posada <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi all,

Iíd like to know if anyone has found a good solution for managing very large
student numbers and groups?

Here at UNSW we have a multidisciplinary course ENGG1000 which is an
ambitious attempt at teaching Engineering design. †The course involves the
following faculties:

Computer Science

There are about 1150 students enrolled with the option to choose a project
to work on within each faculty. †Each faculty project then further breaks
down their students into teams of about 5. †The end result is hundreds of
groups of students within all the projects which are then to be recreated in
WebPA for the Peer Assessment section of the course.

In the past we used iPeer 2.0 for our pees assessment tool, but it seems to
now be a dead project and is very buggy.

Has anyone had experience in managing such large amounts of Student Groups?
†I would love to be able to uploaded the groups into WebPA instead of having
to select each student into each group.

One solution Iíve thought of to alleviate this process a bit, is to create a
Module for each group and assigning the students to their respective
Modules. †This way when it comes time to assign the students to each group
the staff user only has to select all the students listed in that module as
opposed to scrolling through and finding them from a list of 1150 students.

Does anyone know of a better way to manage this? †If so Iím all ears.

Thanks for your time.

John Paul

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