Dear SPM'ers,

I am using the RWLS toolbox to deal with some artifacts in my data. First, I start the toolbox from the drop-down menu in SPM and use 'model setup' to create my model. A choice can be made between differrent co-variance structures, it is possible to choose amongst others between WLS and WLSAR. For some sessions, if I choose WLS, I get the following error during estimation:

ReML Block                  - 1
Error running job:
Output argument "Rc" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to
"C:\Program Files\MATLAB71\work\spm5\toolbox\rwls\spm_rwls_reml.m

If for those sessions, I then choose WLSAR instead of WLS, everything
works out fine. For other sessions, it is exaclty the other way round:
WLSAR doesn't work, and WLS does. I can myself change the number of
output arguments in spm_rwls_reml, and then I don't get an error
during estimation, but RWLS doesn't function properly anymore, and I
am not able to view residual timeseries.

I'm not sure whether the problem lies with my data or if there is a
bug in the toolbox. Has anyone encountered this problem before or knows
what might be happening?

Thanks a lot,