Hi Brahim,
    On a quick look, one of the things the code below doesn't seem to do is masking out non-brain voxels, which is a good idea.  You also might try the GIFT software (http://icatb.sourceforge.net).  You can read in *.img or *.nii filed which were preprocessed via SPM.  You also can use the SPM.mat design matrix to do a post-ICA multiple regression, etc.  If you prefer to use the command line there is a batch script, or you can just call the ICA algorithm functions direction (see the manual for this), we have about 9 or so ICA algorithms included in the toolbox.  Hope this is helpful.

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This could help you to start ...


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Does anybody know how I can get an output from SPM in *.mat format in order to be
able to apply ICA on that? I want to apply ICA (infomax ICA) on a simple fMRI data.
I can not find any sample data and also I can not export a data applicable for this
experiment. Please help me if you know.

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