Dear SPM users, 
When I want to import a MNC file in SPM5 I'll get the following error
- using the function spm_mnc2nifit 


??? Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in ==> spm_mnc2nifti at 77

if ~isempty(tmp), dircos(:,j) = tmp.val; end;

- using the minc import option in the gui:

Running "MINC Import"

Error running job: Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.i

In file "/usr/local/matlabtools/spm5/spm_mnc2nifti.m" (v946), function
"spm_mnc2nifti" at line 77.

In file "/usr/local/matlabtools/spm5/spm_config_minc.m" (v184), function
"convert_minc" at line 64.

Earlier John (8 may 2008) suggested on the SPM mailinglist that this
might happen when using a minc-2 format. The files I intend to import
are minc-1 format. Has anybody a solution for this problem? 
AD de Weijer, MSc
PhD student
Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience
Department of Psychiatry
UMC Utrecht
+31 (0)88-7558672
Room B01.1.43