Dear John,

I am using DARTEL to warp fMRI data. Using DARTEL's "create warped" 
tool, for every image you have to provide one flow field. Is there any 
way that I can apply one flow field to a bunch of images at once?

Thank you,


John Ashburner wrote:
> DARTEL is run as described in the user guide, but there is an extra option 
> that allows the resulting deformations to be automatically combined with an 
> additional affine transform.  The DARTEL warps encode the inter-subject 
> variability, and the affine transform warps the average of the population to 
> MNI space.
> Best regards,
> -John
> On Tuesday 24 March 2009 17:49, Amir Tahmasebi wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> Thanks for your reply.
>> Does this mean that the fMRI data are only affinely registered between
>> subjects?
>> Regards,
>> Amir
>> John Ashburner wrote:
>>> If you have SPM8b (latest updates), then you should find this much
>>> easier, as there is now an option to spatially normalise (and spatially
>>> blur) fMRI to MNI space (as it incorporates an additional affine mapping
>>> between DARTEL template and MNI template).  I haven't had a chance to
>>> update the user guide for DARTEL yet, but it should be reasonably
>>> straightforward to use.
>>> I expect that the t stats should be increased, and look forward to any
>>> feedback on whether this is the case.
>>> Best regards,
>>> -John
>>> On Tuesday 24 March 2009 16:22, Amir Tahmasebi wrote:
>>>> Dear John and SPMers,
>>>> I am trying to use DARTEL for normalization of fMRI data. I have looked
>>>> at "how to use DARTEL for normalizing fMRI con maps?" thread but it is
>>>> not exactly what I was looking for.
>>>> I was wondering how should I use the outputs of DARTEL ("u_rc1*.nii" and
>>>> "Template_6.nii") to normalize my fMRI data which is already
>>>> coregistered to the corresponding structural data.
>>>> Thank you,
>>>> Amir

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