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> For those reading English, see

the initial photo on that page is misleadingly optimistic.

a bit more ino, with pics is here

the "Before" pic is sobering

"Cologne's historical archive is the largest municipal collection north of the
Alps. It contains 65,000 documents about the city, including one dating all
the way back to the year 922. The archive also contains approximately 500,000

looks like some subway construction might have played a role:

"Eyewitnesses describe the accident. Susanne van den Bergh, a student from
Alfter near Bonn, had set up her laptop in the building in Cologne Südstadt
(South-side) and just wanted get a coffee. 'It was almost 14:00, I stood
outside the entrance of the archive, when all of a sudden subway construction
workers came to the street surface and shouted: 'Get clear, everybody out!' 
The 25-year-old student turned around and could not believe what she
witnessed: 'When I looked up the the whole facade began to crumble." 
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