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this thread seems to have bifurcated into two strings (or, perhaps, the
original string has become threadbare), but here is Sarah Blick's response to
some posts which i sent her to comment on.


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> Dear Christopher,
> Madeleine Gray was right, Spencer is the best source. These keys  
*might* be pilgrim badges, though the early date of the finds seems to  
contradict that notion.  Most key pilgrim badges show the crossed  
papal keys or have a figure (Peter) holding the key.  I only know of  
one pewter secular badge that shows a single key.  Here on the great  
Kunera database website are some images that might help:
> Images of Peter with the keys
>Peter and Paul, often with crossed keys

>Locks, but no keys

> One small key
> Thanks for forwarding these messages to me.

> Sarah
> P.S. I've read the Brederhoft article --it'?s really good.

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