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The Society of Archivists would be happy to help to develop, publish and subsequently host such guidelines.  However, we are concerned that the traditional ‘off the side of the desk’ working group approach would take too long to deliver and would not guarantee a worthwhile result..  As a result, the Society would like to encourage individuals, universities or other groups to submit proposals for a project for developing ‘Guidelines for the Cloud’ to the Society’s designated Research and Development Fund. 

such "off the side of the desk " working groups do take time to develop standards, guidelines or technical reports, but the key thing coming out of such groups is that these groups composed of individuals from a variety of organizations -- public, private, vendors, whatever -- tend to reach a consensus. While a project sounds good it is more likely to represent the viewpoint of an individual 


The successful project would be chosen by the Society’s Management Committee, with advice from colleagues in its Records Management and Data Standards Groups.  Members of those groups would then form the nucleus of a project board to oversee the work and to act as a focal point for subsequent consultation with other interested organisations and individuals.

not sure what group in the UK is the proper one, but here in the US ARMA International is the ANSI representative responsible for developing guidelines, standards etc. see here for more information

ARMA is always accepting proposals for new guidelines, standards, etc.

full disclosure -- I am member of ARMA's Standards Development Committee and in the past have worked on several different SDC projects
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