CHAMELEON, Tina Gonsalves, Hugo Critchley and Helen Sloan

  Artist talk and panel discussion at Lighthouse, Brighton, UK

04 February 09, 7 – 9pm

  Lighthouse is pleased to invite you to the first Digiville event of  
the year.

  Why is it that one person can have the ability to ‘light up a room’?  
How  does a previously upbeat group become miserable? The Chameleon  
Project merges art, neuroscience and technology into a poetic  
interactive video art installation driven by emotions of the audience.  
The project investigates emotional contagion, highlighting how we  
innately and continuously synchronize with the facial expressions,  
voices, postures of others, unconsciously infecting each other with  
our emotions.

With Chameleon, individuals become intimately connected and implicated  
into varying emotionally provocative and reflexive social  
interactions.  The work uses mind reading technology, video and  
emotional algorithms to assess and respond to the emotional states of  
the audience. For the audience, the piece reveals the delicate nature  
of how our emotional state constantly shifts how we make sense of our  
external and internal world.

The CHAMELEON project takes the form of a progression of experiments  
through ten stages each combining new neuroscientific and affective  
computing research into powerful video art installations. These  
installations both provoke and respond to emotional processes in the  
viewer by producing meaningful emotionally responsive audiovisual  

Lighthouse has recently commissioned Tina Gonsalves to develop and  
exhibit prototype 8 of her 10 stage CHAMELEON project in the  
Lighthouse space during 2009. Currently Honorary Artist in Residence  
at the Wellcome Department of Neuroimaging at The Institute of  
Neurology (IoN) in London, Gonsalves is collaborating with various  
eminent neuroscientists and world leading affective computer  
scientists, merging key research centres internationally including the  
Affective Computing Group at the Media Lab, Massachussetts Institute  
of Technology (MIT), USA where she is Visiting Artist.

Tina Gonsalves will be discussing the development of the CHAMELEON  
with members of her collaborative team, neuroscientist Dr. Hugo  
Critchley and curator of the project, Helen Sloan Director of SCAN  
media arts agency.  this evening of presentation, demonstration and  
discussion promises to be unmissable for anyone interested in the  
collaborative and cross-disciplinary aspects of innovative media art  

Chameleon is funded through a large arts award Wellcome Trust,  
Australia Arts Council, Arts Council England,  Australian Network for  
Arts and Technology and is supported by UCL, Brighton and Sussex  
Medical School, SCAN, MIT and The Banff Centre

tina gonsalves

tina gonsalves