Maybe I should chime in whilst having my first cup of tea and  
planning what is going to be my busiest day here. I am developing a  
project that requires interaction with local people and I feel quite  
lucky to be doing it here. The good people of New Plymouth seem to be  
up for participation regardless of what is thrown at them, be it  
tight rope walking, moving piano's, learning to break-dance or score  
free drinks n the name of art.

So I suppose all I am doing here is maybe illustrating another  
environmental factor, the temperament of the local people which can  
have a large impact on the pace of development for many site specific  

Also it may be useful to post my to do list for today as to give an  
indication of what it feels like when time accelerates towards the  
end of this project:

-Chase volunteers, particularly organise who will be manning the  
space on Friday and Saturday. - volunteers chased, no response yet
-source shelving at witt
-Move available furniture into shop space
-Move new site version to - by this point it  
should have image resizing and ability to embed video clips from  
youtube etc. - has nice red border, no GD yet, no you tube, bah!
-Tidy up loose ends from Mon & Tues, if furniture is not moved by now  
then make it happen by any means..
-By this point volunteers must be organised for the duration of the  
-Begin printing instructions to match artifacts in gallery. - check  
with mercedes about font size etc.
-Buy foam board.
-get copyright permission from the beastie boys


On 1 Feb 2009, at 05:33, Sarah Cook wrote:

> Lab/Time-based residencies and Environmental Response
> This month CRUMB celebrates it being summertime in the Southern  
> Hemisphere with the help of the artists, curators and theorists  
> taking part in SCANZ 2009.