At UEA we are reviewing a number of our circulation policies and
procedures.  I would be grateful for any feedback or experiences you may
have in any of the following areas:

1.  Do you send underdues?
2.  If yes, how long before an item is due back are underdues sent out?
3.  Did you experience any technical problems when underdues were
4.  Do you find underdues are welcomed by your users? Conversely has the
implementation of underdues caused Library staff any problems? (I'm
thinking along the lines of what happens if a user said they did not
receive the notice - has this caused an increase in arguing over fines?)

1.  Do you recall items?
2.  Do you allow users a minimum loan period before recalling?
3.  How long to you give the user to return a recalled item before it
becomes overdue?

1.  Do you operate an open access or closed access holds system?  (At
UEA reserved items are held at the circulation desk so users have to
collect their book from a member of staff - we are looking at the
possibility of an open access holds system)
2.  What, if any, problems have you encountered with your access system?
3.  If your holds are on open access, are they kept in a separate area
(e.g. with separate security)?
4.  Do you anonymise the books on hold?  If so, how?

For info, we use Aleph V.18 - any responses from Aleph libraries
especially welcome!

Please reply to me personally and I will summarise for the list.

Many thanks

Catherine Baker
User Services Manager
The Library
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ

Tel: 01603 593507
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