Hi Reia,
It;s a  Gr8 idea to start an e-mail list for Perple_x users. We can,  perhaps,  begin on Geo -Met itself and see how it goes.
There's was hardly  any response  from  this group on the new THERMOCAL webpage !
Best regards

On 2/5/09, Sumit Chakraborty <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Reia M. Chmielowski wrote:
Greetings to the list,

I have been corresponding with Jamie Connolly on the subject of starting an e-mail list specifically for users of Perple_X to discuss questions and issues pertaining to the use of that set of programs.  He's given me the go-ahead to set up such a list & will put a link to it from the Perple_X web page.  However, I'm not certain where best to setup such a list.  I checked the server which runs this list, and while such a list would meet its other criteria, they say that:

Can't we just stick to Geo-met and see how much traffic there is, before we start another list to look at / stop mails from coming when we go to the field / start again when we are back, forget to turn off the auto-reply... and so on and so get the idea? I am sure all of us could survive, even benefit from, a small dose of being perplexed. If a threshold is reached, then one can always start a new list. My two cents worth,


P.S. I am waiting to hear Jamie's answer to your question.