maybe Centaurea???


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To my opinion, it's not Punica because the seed have a very
hard testa. It's not carthamus cause I know very well this
seed. For me it's an Asteraceae but what specie? We are the
same kind of morphotype in Near East. 
Attached, photos of Punica (dessicated) and Carthamus

Good luck, Linda

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Subject : Do you know this species?

Dear members of the list,

I too would appreciate  a little help for the identification
of seeds 
that Veronique Matterne and I  have met in different
contexts in 
northern France (Hallstatt, La Tène, Roman) and  for which
we are 
running out of ideas. I'm sending you pictures of two
different sets: 
the first one (charred seeds) comes from an Iron age context
(La Tène 
A-5th century B.C).  The second one (mineralised seeds)
comes from a 
Roman site. The two sets don't represent necessarily  the
same species 
but they look very much alike. We have tried many
(Arctium, Amelanchier, Dipsacaceae, Pinus spec,
Berberis,...) but none 
seems to be completely satisfying. So we would be very
grateful for any 
new idea!

Françoise Toulemonde

Doctorante à Paris1-Panthéon Sorbonne Archéologie et
UMR 7209 - /Archéozoologie, archéobotanique : sociétés,
pratiques et 
Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle
Bât. Anatomie comparée CP56
55 rue Buffon
75005 Paris

Herveux Linda
Commanderie de Jalès
07460 Berrias et Casteljau
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