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Subject: Meetings ion the Lake District in 2009

Dear Listmates,

Announcement & Call for Presentations

66th Alcohol Problems Research Symposium - March 18th & 19th 2009

67th Alcohol Problems Research Symposium  - November 4th & 5th 2009

Stonecross Manor Hotel, Milnthorpe Road, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 5HP, United Kingdom.


Happy New Year.  The next two meetings in this long-running series of regular friendly, informal events will take place on the above dates. Papers (short abstracts) or other presentation suggestions are now invited.  Anybody wishing to talk about their work or ideas in Kendal should get in touch with me. The 24-hour cost of attendance at the March 2009 meeting will be 125 (single room) and 102-50p person (double room).  This covers lunch, tea/coffee, dinner and overnight accommodation on the Wednesday and breakfast, morning coffee/tea on the Thursday. Those wishing to have lunch at the hotel on either Thursday are welcome to do so for an extra charge of 15-50p.  Payment should, as usual, not be sent to me. Rates include use of the hotel's leisure centre (heated pool and hot tub).  Participants are requested to pay their own hotel bills before they leave Kendal, but they should all book in through me. The Stonecross Manor Hotel is a comfortable, attractive, stone building situated about a mile (20 minutes' walk) from the centre of Kendal.  It is on the A6 main road.  It was opened as an orphanage in 1857.  The hotel is wheelchair-friendly and has good parking facilities.  Taxis to the hotel cost approximately 5 from nearby Oxenholme Railway Station (on the main West Coast line, accessible from Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Manchester airports) and roughly 5 Kendal Railway Station.    Kendal is on the edge of the beautiful English Lake District, just West of the Yorkshire Dales, another attractive area.

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 I hope that you and any of your colleagues who are also engaged in alcohol research will be able to attend at least one of these meetings.  If you do plan to do so, please write, fax or e-mail me indicating your exact accommodation and dietary requirements not later than Monday, February 23rd, 2009 for the March meeting and Monday, October 19th 2009 for the November meeting.  Please let me know if you are aware of any alcohol researchers who should be added to the mailing list for these events.  I shall be delighted to advise about travel arrangements or to provide any other details that you may wish to have about these meetings.

Best wishes,


Martin Plant

Alcohol & Health Research  Unit

University of the West of England

Blackberry Hill,

Bristol BS16 1DD, UK.

Telephone:  UK 117 328 8852

Fax:  UK 117 328 8900

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