I'd like to recommend to run SPM under Linux based MATLAB.
Because, Window system use the maximum size of 4 GB RAM,
it is not enough for your large size MRI data. 
Linux based SPM has no problem in running Gaser's VBM toolbox. 

Best regards!

Woo-Suk, Tae

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From : "Flavio Seixas"<[log in to unmask]>
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Date : 2009/01/07 수요일 오전 8:48:55
Subject : [SPM] Out of memory error.

Dear ALL,

My name is Flavio, SPM student from UFF - Brazil. I'm conducting some experiments based on MR images. The objective is to identify brain regions often affected by some neurodegenerative disease.

The images are converted to Nifti format with resolution 512x512x386 (MR 3 Tesla). I'm using VBM toolbox proposed by Christian Gaser. Unfortunally, I have got "out of memory" error. The SPM modules are shown bellow. I'm running SPM 5 on Windows, 2Gb RAM and 1.5Gb virtual memory with Matlab 2007.

Does anybody have any guidance on this? I would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance,

SPM5: spm_vbm5 (vv1.16)                            20:08:57 - 06/01/2009



Running "VBM: Estimate + Write"


                    Gaussians:      2 2 2 4

                  Warp cutoff:    25

          Warp regularisation:             1

          Bias regularisation:                0.0001

                    Bias FWHM:    70

                     Clean up:        1

               Iterative HMRF: 0.1

            Write affine only: 0

            Use tissue priors: 1



Error running job: Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

In file "C:\Pesquisa\Apps\spm5Updated\spm_prep2sn.m" (v946), function "create_def" at line 189.

In file "C:\Pesquisa\Apps\spm5Updated\spm_prep2sn.m" (v946), function "spm_prep2sn" at line 20.

In file "C:\Pesquisa\Apps\spm5Updated\toolbox\vbm5\cg_config_vbm.m" (v424), function "execute_estwrite" at line 725.





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