The Institute of Education, London University,  invites teachers
concerned with global education to participate in its long-standing
international short training course about e-learning,
Online Education & Training, run globally with regional groups.

Our "students" - all professionals and trainers - 
normally include not only teachers
but related staff that may be part of e-learning 
design teams, e.g. technical specialists
or librarians. Thus, participants come from a 
range of different disciplines and
educational backgrounds and usually enjoy the unusual opportunity to share
both what they have in common and where they differ.  You'll find it a
forum for rich structured collaborative learning with UK  and world-wide

It deals with general issues of teaching online including social networking,
with regular practical tasks, and has a choice of optional topics on
using the internet to enhance internet teaching. These are expected to include
    * online discourse and moderating
    * computer-based assessment
    * mobile technologies
    * real-time teaching by phone, text, video-conferencing, or SecondLife
    * blogging and podcasting
The next start is 9th March 2009.  We suggest you register as soon as

The course carries 30 UK credits towards either a masters or a diploma and
can be taken by 10 weeks distance study online.

The fee is £Stg 654, which can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or
instalments. A cheaper auditor registration is also available if you do
not need the credits.

More information about the course is at the

Enquiries to
Anita Pincas, Senior Lecturer,
Institute of Education
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