I don't teach, although I did part-time for a while, but I do use  
sketchbooks and endless scraps of paper. I love the idea of  
sketchbooks and would totally advocate using them, however the  
greatest danger I see in this idea, is the lack of privacy.  Work in  
a sketchbook which is totally private is and will be very different  
to work which is done with an eye to it being seen examined assessed  
or uploaded onto a website.  It is fine to publish stuff after the  
event but intention is the key.

Fiona Robinson

On 28 Jan 2009, at 19:57, jenny soep wrote:

> Primarily, a sketchbook is for working out ideas and developing  
> them to a more defined conclusion; a place for experimentation, a  
> record of inspiration, a creative space and not for the 'finished  
> project' or 'box ticked'.  Hopefully the shareholders and those  
> assisting the project will accept it as such and be aware that  
> their responses need to be more empathic with the teachers  
> encountering this experiment first-hand.
> I don't know if the 'sketchbook' has one definite form, but some  
> creative space to note down those thoughts, ideas and things to  
> remember wouldn't be a bad thing in a classroom.
> I look forward to seeing the results of this debate and project.   
> All the best with it.
> Jenny

Fiona Robinson
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