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Subject: COURSE: Model-based geostatistics

           Model-Based Geostatistics with environmental and epidemiological  applications

                        School of Health and Medicine, Lancaster University

                                       23-24 June 2009

This two-day course, presented by Professor Peter Diggle, covers the core theory and methods of model-based 
geostatistics, as introduced by Diggle, Moyeed and Tawn (1998) and described in more detail in Diggle and 
Ribeiro (2007). The course also covers the implementation of these methods in the open-source R computing 
environment, using the geoR and geoRglm  libraries. Theoretical ideas will be motivated by, and applied to, 
case-studies in environmental science and epidemiology.

The course assumes a working knowledge of statistical methods to the level of linear and logistic regression 
modelling. Familiarity with the R computing environment is desirable, but not essential. Course delivery 
will use a combination of lectures, software demonstrations and open-ended lab sessions where participants 
can gain experience of the geoR and geoRglm libraries with tutorial assistance on hand.

Diggle, P.J., Moyeed, R.A. and Tawn, J.A. (1998). Model-based geostatistics (with Discussion). 
   Applied Statistics,  47, 299-350.

Diggle, P.J. and Ribeiro, P.J. (2007). Model-based Geostatistics. New York: Springer

Course fees: including course materials, tea, coffee and lunches

Registered students: 200  
Others:  400

A reduction of 50 will apply to payments received on or before 29 May 2009

Further information: Cathy Thomson ([log in to unmask] +44 1524 594622)

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