Hi All

I'm not sure if there is a definitive answer to this question, but here

Let's say I have a survey question with, say, 10 options plus an "Other"
and a text field for explanation of the "Other".

Case 1: Only 10% of my sample select an option from my 10, and 90%
select "Other", and explain what that "Other" is.  There is a sense
then, that, in reporting the results, I really need to get some stats on
the details of the "Other" (and not just report that 90% said "Other").

Case 2: 95% of my sample select options from my 10 options, and only 5%
select "Other."  There is a sense that, although the percentage of
"Other" will be reported, and possibly a comment or two, there is no
need to break it down into groups.

But somewhere between that 90% and 5% is a line, above which details of
the "Other" need to looked at carefully.  Where is that line?


Ken Masters