At Glasgow we centrally check all expense payments within the Payroll Section.
I'd be worried about non-compliance and HMRC penalties if we didn't.

Many new systems encourage web style claims where these are authorised by the budget holder and processed straight into the general ledger - these too worry me but we are being increasingly pressurised to look at these type of systems.

I've also heard payroll managers in the private sector claim HMRC has told them they only need to do a 5% - 10% check - I think I'd need that one written in blood.


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It has been suggested - not by me - that the University might abandon
checking all expense claims in favour of conducting regular spot checks.
I'm told this is what now happens in the Civil Service. The purpose of
the move is to reduce costs. At the Open claims checking is delegated to
spending units, i.e. there is no central checking.

My immediate reaction is one of alarm as I can't believe that this will
lead to anything other than a reduction in standards and 'open season'
for many staff to claim what they want.

I would be grateful if readers of this message could reply saying
whether they do or don't operate such a policy and if they do - does it


John Gillespie


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