Hi all,

Thanks for the prompt Adinda, I'm really looking forward to seeing what this discussion will bear.

I'll begin by giving a little background and some concerns-

My experiences with biosignals began about 2 years ago, when I joined Transtechnology Research as a Doctoral Researcher.
Beginning in 2007 I attended an eNTERFACE workshop hosted by Bogazici University, Istanbul where I worked as part of a group investigating and experimenting with biosignals, sharing knowledge, and finally performing with the systems/works we had produced. Miguel - also a participant on this discussion was there also.
About a year ago my department acquired a Nexus-10 clinical biofeedback unit which I have been using for signal acquisition for real-time sonification and visualization experiments and performance. If anyone has any questions about the technical aspects of all this I'll happily expand - perhaps off-list.

However, my major research interest is more generally focused on philosophical and theoretical questions regarding technology and medicine. My thesis, currently under construction, begins by attempting to disentangle technological devices from scientific notions to ask how creative uses of technologies might be able to provide something other than 'objective' accounts.

The current situation regarding the availability of these technologies is very interesting in terms of creative practice because of the current interest in these devices, and the increasing availability of cheaper products for signal acquisition, analysis and visualization. One issue for me - although not possibly a particularly original one - is related more generally to the artistic "re-purposing" of technologies (although this happens just as much in the sciences) and the question of how these technologies might be expanded upon and modified or reinvented by artists.