I agree with Andreas 99% (I may have curated my own work once, so that
accounts for the non-100% support).

Curation is akin  to peer review in the sciences. It is the means by which,
on the one hand, the curator tells a story or establishes an hypothesis
whilst, on the other, the value of artworks (and by extension the artists
who produce them) is validated in relation to those stories and hypotheses.
In the sciences it would be frowned upon big time if somebody was to peer
review their own work. That said, anyone familiar with peer review in the
sciences knows that things are not as simple and squeeky clean as people
would like. It is a can of worms.

Nevertheless, there is a degree of codification of the process of peer
review which does present a degree of rigour. What would be the implications
if this was applied in the artworld? How would it effect the value of art,
the role of the artist, the curator, the peer reviewer? By definition the
curator would have to be a peer of the artists selected and therefore
another artist (or artists)  therefore implying the end of the specialised
curator role.

Mmm? That last outcome sounds very attractive ;) (perhaps not to the prime
CRUMB readership though).



On 22/12/08 12:27, "Andreas Broeckmann" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> friends, a question:
> it sometimes happens that artists work as curators; it also
> occasionally happens that these curator artists choose their own
> artistic work for their exhibitions or programmes.
> in my view, this looks bad and should not happen, i personally wished
> that there was a 'code of conduct for curatorial work' that said: 'if
> you curate a project, you don't select your own work for it (not even
> if you are a member of a curatorial team'.
> i know that some practising artists (who also curate) see this
> differently, for them there is no ethical problem in selecting their
> own work if it fits into a specific project or conceptual framework.
> what do people think about this?
> regards,
> -a

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